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What is it?

The Wellbeing Passport and card are tools for young people and their supporters to help them to share information about their mental health and emotional wellbeing. It is something that can be used in many situations and settings, where it is important for young people to feel confident to tell their story. The Wellbeing Passport is a small booklet with different pages that hold different pieces of information about the young person. The card is smaller and can hold one or 2 pieces of important information, that can be shown to someone in an emergency. A young person can fill in their own wellbeing Passport and card with guidance from their supporters if they need it. There is also a downloadable guidance document which provides examples of the kinds of information that can be added in each section.

Where did it come from?

The Wellbeing Passport and card were created by, and for, young people and their supporters in Lancashire and south Cumbria, as part of the transformation of children and young people’s mental health services. Lancashire Mind has worked closely with local CCG’s, young people, parents, carers and practitioners from a range of services, to gather opinions, suggestions and feedback on the use of a health passport for mental health and emotional wellbeing for young people. All of the feedback, on elements such as the size, colour and information to be included, was then implemented in the design of the Wellbeing Passport and card.

Who is it for?

The Wellbeing Passport and card are for any young person who feels they have mental health challenges. It doesn’t matter if a young person is not working with any mental health services, or if they don’t have a diagnosed mental health condition – if the young person and their supporters feel the Wellbeing Passport and card will help them, they can use it.

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Download your very own passport here!

Here, you can download and print your own wellbeing Passport and card.

You can also download the guidance document which provides suggestions and ideas of what information to include in each section.



Who to contact

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Mind (Lancashire)
We are more than a mental health charity. We’re a passionate movement leading the mental wellbeing revolution in Lancashire. Our vision is Mental Wellbeing for All and with your help we can stop misconceptions about mental health, develop resilience in people from an early age and work with communities to build a happier Lancashire. Together, we can make Lancashire the beacon county for mental wellbeing and ensure everyone experiencing a mental health condition is treated as an equal member of society.
Find out about us here: https://www.lancashiremind.org.uk

Healthy Young Minds
The Children and Young People’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health (CYP EWMH) Transformation Programme has been established to deliver a 5-year programme of transformation work for children and young people with emotional wellbeing and mental health needs across the whole of Lancashire and South Cumbria.
Find out more about us here:  https://www.healthyyoungmindslsc.co.uk/home

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