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Good to be Me
Unfortunately, Autistic people can struggle with
their Autism diagnosis.  This video was
created by Spectrum Gaming members for the
Greater Manchester BeeWell initiative.

Autistic children explain Autism in 60 seconds!
Hear from Spectrum Gaming members, with their
amazing short explanation of Autism.                                                                   

The Good and Bad of Autism

Often people who talk about Autism and what
helps us aren't Autistic themselves, and
sometimes what they describe is wrong!
Spectrum Gaming wanted to share their
perspective of what Autism is, its positives
and negatives.

Autism and Happiness
As part of the BeeWell initiative, the Spectrum
Gaming community responded to the question,
'what makes me happy?', and they used gaming
as a way to show you.

What Autism myths do you hate the most?
Members of Spectrum Gaming share the Autism
myths that they hate the most.

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