Lancashire and Cumbria Sensory Education Session

Cumbria were invited to attend a sensory education session which was developed in conjunction with parents/carers and Occupational Therapists. If you would like to understand more about your child's sensory needs and how to meet them, then this video session will be useful for you.

You will learn:

• Information about the senses and how they work

• Different types of sensory approaches, e.g. Sensory profile, Sensory Integration Therapy

• Real-life examples and strategies to help meet your child's sensory needs

• How to calm your child down if they have sensory overwhelm

• How to help your child's school with your child's sensory needs

• Sensory needs and links with behaviour

• Where to go if you need help

• How Lancashire and Cumbria SEND partners are planning to improve meeting sensory needs of children This session has been organised via the Lancashire and Cumbria SEND Improvement Programmes.


Understanding our senses and how they can
impact on our ability to carry out our daily activities

Terminology and language used in relation
to sensory processing

Feedback survey:

We would be most grateful if you could please fill in the evaluation survey - it only takes  3 minutes to complete and will help us know how to better help you.

Thank you.

Page last reviewed: 30/08/2023

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