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A range of specialist support and provision services such as educational psychologists and specialist teachers work in partnership with schools and other settings to promote inclusion, achievement and to secure better outcomes for children and young people with SEND across Cumbria.

If your family is facing particular challenges, our Children's Centres offer a range of support for families with children and young people.

Specialist SEND Support Services provide early intervention to assist a child's special educational need and disability (SEND) at an early stage and provide advice on relevant support.

  1.    County Psychological Services
  2.   Autism Spe ctrum Condition
  3.   Blind and Visually Impaired
  4.   Deaf and Hearing Impaired
  5.   Cognition and Learning
  6.   Physical Medical Difficulties 
  7.   Specific Learning Difficulties
  8.   Speech and Language Difficulties
  9.   SEND in the Early Help Process
 10.   Emotional Barriers to School Attendance
 11.   Adult Social Care
 12.   English as an Additional Language  
 13.   Useful Documents

Please view an A-Z list of medical conditions supplied by Contact

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